Organic SEO Can Save You Big Money!

There’s nothing more exciting than starting a brand-new online business. The thrill of thinking about the thousands of consumers visiting your website and placing an order is an amazing feeling. Unfortunately, hundreds of new online business owners like myself have no to little idea on how to gain organic low-cost traffic through SEO. In this article, you will learn some of the fundamentals of succeeding online. 

Keyword Research:

Before starting an online store, you always want to research your niche first. This is very important because you want to start an online business focused on what people already want. Google has a tool called the Google Keyword Planner. And this tool helps you find keywords and discover how many monthly searches they get and for which countries and states. Google Keyword Planner is 100% free to use and it really adds a lot of value to your online business endeavors.  If you’re in the fashion shoe industry you will be able to see how many people in the United States are interested in sneakers. And you will find related keywords in your niche that you would have never considered hadn’t you used the tool above.

Pay Per Click:

Almost all online merchants at some point decide to use pay per click advertising. If you’re not familiar with PPC as an online store owner, you would use this type of platform if you don’t know how to gain organic search traffic. Google has a pay per click platform called Google AdWords. And how this works is you would create a free account and pay anywhere from 0.10 cents per click depending on the popularity of your keyword. Your ad is then displayed in Google search and on 1000’s of related pages. Now, this is a fantastic way to get your new online store up and running quickly because it’s an easy and simple way to gain exposure in a short period of time. The problem is if your budget is limited this form of advertising could eat away at your funds fast.

Organic SEO:

Organic search SEO if done correctly could save you tons of money and bring you a ton of amazing exposure for your business. There are plenty of services over the internet that can help you achieve rankings for the keywords your targeting. The great benefit to learning how to rank organically is you eventually learn how to rank almost any keyword over time.

What you need to rank keywords are niche related backlinks. If your online store is about shoes you will need backlinks of High Domain Authority related to your niche. A backlink that is DA 25 or higher will do you some good. Second, you must check your backlinks before running them through an indexing service like Indexification. You need to remove spam backlinks with a high spam score.    

Generally, any backlinks with a spam score above 4% should be considered a loss. You can use a service called MOZ free for 30 days and review the spam score of your backlinks. You’re allowed to check up to 20,000 URLs manually for free and see what each spam score is. Spam backlinks will lower your Google rankings. I can’t stress this enough that gaining permanent backlinks is important.     

Backlinks that are constantly falling off will decrease your rankings quickly. Google wants and needs to see consistency. Ask your SEO firm if the backlinks they are providing to you will be permanent or short term. Backlinks go bad after some time all depending on who you source from. So be sure to recheck backlinks to ensure they are still alive and active. As repining, a dead link will cause a negative effect on your organic SEO. Organic SEO is cost effective if you apply what you have learned. Follow this advice and you will see big results in your online business.

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